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Ask Adams

Got Questions? Adams has the answer!

Q: Will my insurance company dictate where I can go for my repairs?
A: NO! You pay the premiums, YOU have the choice. By law, they cannot force you to go elsewhere. So come to us first. We’ll handle the paperwork as well as help you negotiate with your insurance carrier, no matter who your carrier is.

Q: Can you match the color of my car?
A: In order to match colors, we mix up the paint right here. We do tints, electronically scaled to the specific code on your vehicle. We do computer color matching to your manufacturer’s code in-house. We’ve invested heavily in our paint so you know your job will be perfect.

Q: Aren’t parts painted at the factory?
A: No they are not. We handle the paint process to ensure your satisfaction.

Q: Are you a “direct repair” center for insurance carriers?
A: Yes we are. Direct repair means we have established and meet the insurance carrier’s requirements for certified training and modern equipment to be an authorized repair facility for insurance carriers.

Q: How long does an estimate take?
A: Most estimates take only ten minutes-we’ll do it while you wait!

Q: Do you offer a warranty?
A: We offer a lifetime warranty on repairs. Check for details at any of our two locations.

Q: What is your recommendation for car rental?
A: Adams Collision Center can assist you with your car rental arrangements while your vehicle is under repair. We’re here to help you!

Q: What about “paintless dent repair?”
A: Adams offers paintless repairs. This application is best for minor repairs.

Q: What is your experience level?
A: Adams Collision Center has been doing business for over 45 years. All of our technicians are industry trained. So we have you covered, no matter how complex your repair situation is.